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  • If you preordered with us, right now you’re just waiting (and salivating I imagine) for your share of this summer’s catch. Well, you will be pleased to know that as I write this, your salmon is making its way (I’d like to say zipping but plodding is more likely) from Alaska to Virginia/DC.

    We have set the dates we will be arriving so you can go ahead and make your plans to come pick up your salmon based on the calendar below.


    We will be in the lot behind The Local Market (246 W Broad St  Falls Church, VA 22046. Tel: (703) 536-6123). Look for a rather large truck and trailer combo–that’s us! The Local Market is a small specialty foods store a few blocks from the Falls Church Farmers Market in Falls Church, VA. Feel free to drop by during the days and times listed below at your leisure. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone!


    The following are the days and times you can come to pick up your preordered salmon:

    • Sep. 13th (Fri.) — Preorder salmon pickup. 11AM-4PM. At The Local Market.
    • Sep. 16th (Mon.) — Preorder salmon pickup. 2PM-7PM. At The Local Market.
    • Sep. 17th (Tues.) — Preorder salmon pickup. 2PM-7PM. At The Local Market.
    • Sep. 18th (Wed.) — Preorder salmon pickup. 2PM-7PM. At The Local Market.


    We will be in town for about 2 weeks from Sep. 12th to Sep. 24th. We will be unavailable to hand over your salmon after Sep. 24th so I want to make sure everyone gets their salmon. It may be Christmas before you get another chance! 

    Because we will have a large & unwieldy trailer, deliveries may be hard or impossible for us. Please come to the pickup at The Local Market Sep. 13th from 11AM-4PM and Sep. 16th-18th from 2PM-7PM.

    If there is no way to make it to the pickup at The Local Market, please consider having a friend pick up your salmon for you. Our customers often do this and it’s always worked well. You can give them a fillet for their trouble (they are your friends after all so maybe you should give them a fillet anyway…).

    If you can’t make it to the pickup and a friend can’t either, another option are the two farmers markets. Swing by the Falls Church Farmers Market (Sep. 14th & 21st) Saturdays from 8-12 or the Palisades Farmers Market (Sep. 15th & 22nd) Sundays from 9-1 to see us. We are often busy at these markets so picking up at the pickup point is usually the most convenient for preorder customers.

    Please DO NOT try to pickup your preorder at the Old Town Alexandria Farmers Market, we will not have preorder salmon available there. 


    Here is our complete schedule while we are in town, including the farmers markets & preorder pickup:  

    • Sep. 13th (Fri.) — Preorder salmon pickup at The Local Market. 11AM – 4PM. 
    • Sep. 14th (Sat.) — Falls Church Farmers Market. 8AM – 12PM. 
    • Sep. 14th (Sat.) — Old Town Alexandria Farmers Market. 7AM – 12PM. (NOT A PREORDER PICKUP POINT)
    • Sep. 15th (Sun.) — Palisades Farmers Market. 9AM – 1PM.
    • Sep. 16th (Mon.) — Preorder salmon pickup at The Local Market. 2PM – 7PM.
    • Sep. 17th (Tues.) — Preorder salmon pickup at The Local Market. 2PM – 7PM. 
    • Sep. 18th (Wed.) — Preorder salmon pickup at The Local Market. 2PM – 7PM.
    • Sep. 21st (Sat.) — Falls Church Farmers Market. 8AM – 12PM. 
    • Sep. 21st (Sat.) — Old Town Alexandria Farmers Market. 7AM – 12PM. (NOT A PREORDER PICKUP POINT)
    • Sep. 22nd (Sun.) — Palisades Farmers Market. 9AM – 1PM.


    1. A Cooler.It can be hot in September so it’s a good idea to have a cooler to transport your salmon home in unless you live just a few minutes away. Unless you are traveling more than 30 minutes to get home, no ice or ice packs are needed. If you are traveling a greater distance, some ice, freezer packs or dry ice might be helpful. The box your salmon share will come in is approximately 19”X12”X8” and will weigh somewhere between 22-25 lbs. If you ordered king salmon, sablefish, or smoked salmon, your seafood will probably not be in a box.  
    2. A Form of Payment. You have paid roughly half of the total for your order and the remainder can be paid by check (ideal) or card (OK too). Tax will be added to the balance. Please remember that you will be charged on the actual weight of the fish so do not make a check out until we have provided the total including tax.


    Salmon runs are cyclical, meaning there are always ups and downs. Although we caught lots of salmon this year, we caught a little less than we did the last few years. Because of this our good friend gave us a little of his best sockeye so we would have enough to bring back to DC with us. It sure is good to have good friends! He prefers his fillets to be pin bone out. This means that we won’t have quite enough pin bone in sockeye salmon for everyone who asked for it. If you are adamant about getting pin bone in sockeye, please email us when you get this and we will make sure you get it. For those of you who just want awesome salmon and are less concerned with the details (or might even prefer bone free), you will likely have your choice of pin bone in or pin bone out when you pick up.

    If you preordered pin bone free sockeye, don’t worry, your order is unchanged. 


    We can’t wait to see everyone is a few weeks!

    Traveler, Nicole & Cedar

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