2013 Salmon Preorder Now Open

  • 2013 Salmon Preorder Season is Here!

    The winter is melting into the recesses of our minds (especially with this hot weather!) and another season of fishing in Alaska is upon us. Although we’ll be sad to leave the area and stop attending the farmers markets for the summer, we’re getting excited about heading north to Alaska once again to fish all summer.

    When we start planning for the fishing season, you know it must be time to get your 2013 preorders in to us. If you have already preordered, great, we have your order here and we’re just dying to get north and catch it! If you haven’t mailed your preorder in yet, here are the ways to secure your share of this summer’s catch:

    1. Get an order form, SASE & cool photo card in the mail from us. Simply fill out the order form & mail it back with a 50% deposit. We will be sending these out next week so if you would like one, email us with your address & we’ll get one right out to you. If you know someone who might appreciate preordering from us, feel free to email us their mailing address & we’ll send them one as well.
    2. Head over to our website & print the form.
      Once printed & filled out, you can pop that in the mail to us with a 50% deposit. Print the 2013 preorder form here.
    3. Head on over to the website & fill out the form online.
      We’re low tech but we’re getting better! If you would like to fill out the preorder form online, you can do so here. However, you cannot pay your 50% deposit online–that’s still too high tech for us. Once you fill out the form online then submit it, we will send you an invoice for your order with a bill for your 50% deposit. You can pay this by mailing a check to us or calling and giving a card # over the phone.
    4. Meet us at the farmers market & preorder there.
      We will be attending the Falls Church Farmers Market (Sat. 8-12) and the Palisades Farmers Market (Sun. 9-1) at least until the end of April, 2013. Feel free to come by and say hi anytime and fill out your preorder form there.

    What Are the Benefits of Preordering?

    1. Save money. Since your committing to a minimum of one “share” (about 22 lbs.) or more before the fishing season, you’ll always pay less than buying it piece by piece at the farmers markets the following winter. Some customers who order multiple shares of sockeye save many dollars per pound. This year, for the first time, you can preorder king salmon. With king prices hovering between $30 and $34/lb. at the market, the preorder price for king of $24.99/lb can’t be beat! You can also preorder smoked salmon for the same price.
    2. Get your salmon first! We don’t generally start attending the farmers markets until October. Because you get your salmon at the end of August, you get your salmon significantly before anyone else.
    3. Have your winter’s salmon conveniently in your home freezer. This is especially helpful if you don’t live near the market and don’t want to make the trek to the market each weekend to get your salmon.

    Preorder Tips & Notes

    1. If you’re a family eating salmon once a week or so, you’ll easily get through your “share” by Christmas.
    2. If you can put together a group, ordering multiple shares saves even more than ordering just one share. For instance, ordering 4 shares is $1 per pound less than ordering just one share, and likely $1.50 or $2 per pound less than buying it at the market during the winter.
    3. You can now preorder king salmon as well as Alaskan-style hot smoked salmon and cold smoked salmon. These are $5-8 less per pound by preorder than you will find them at the markets that winter.
    4. One “share” of salmon takes up just a little more space than a large briefcase so very few people’s freezers are too full for one share.
    5. By simply turning your freezer down (adds only a few cents to your monthly electric bill), the amazing fresh-frozen quality of your salmon will be maintained for 6-8 months.
    All the best,
    Traveler, Nicole & Cedar

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