54 Million Sockeye Coming to Bristol Bay in 2015


    While the long-term average sockeye salmon run in Bristol Bay (where we fish) is a staggering 32 million fish, this year is projected to be well above that at 54 million, the biggest since 1995. Although this projection has yet to prove true, we believe in our biologist, Paul Salomone (yes, that’s his real name!), and his data. Since 2001 Fish and Game forecasts have actually been 8% lower than the actual run so we we could see as many as 60 million fish this summer.

    While most folks catch as many as possible during the short summer fishing season (sometimes most of our fish push up river in just a few days), we take a different approach. Since we fish slow and steady to keep our fish quality very high (and our quality of life!), every summer we hope for a big run that takes it time moving up stream. On the years when they all decide to head up river to spawn all at once, we definitely have trouble keeping up! Fingers crossed for this summer!

    If you want to read the 2015 Fish and Game Forecast, download it here.


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