A Big Step–Processing Our Own Salmon!

  • 1) When we catch salmon we will carefully bleed each one and gently place it in a small tote full of ice. We are going to use only small, 40 lb. totes so the salmon are not crushed under any extra weight. Because we setnet and fish close to the shore, in good weather this will be easy for us.
    2)After no more than a few hours we will run into the beach and start filleting salmon in our fancy (for remote Alaska standards) state of Alaska approved facility.
    3)Once on shore, we will fillet each salmon by hand, remove the pin bones, vacuum seal, add our sticker then quickly freeze the fillet in our walk in freezer. This means the salmon will go from ocean to freezer in the shortest possible period of time–no more than a few hours!  4)In the first week of August a chartered DC-3 airplane will fly in and land on our gravel strip. There are no roads within almost 400 miles of where we fish so getting our salmon out by small plane is our only option. We will load the plane with our salmon then climb abord ourselves and ride with our precious cargo all the way to Anchorage.

    It’s very exciting for us to transport our salmon in the DC-3 airplane because these now seldom used aircraft flew a great deal of salmon out of Bristol Bay in decades past.

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