A Lone Fisherman CAN Save the World!

  • I’m not sure who created this but it sure does resonate with my wife and I. This chart sums up, more eloquently than I could ever express in words, why I am so proud to be a lone commercial fisherman in a pristine wilderness managed diligent by biologists and fishermen.


    We fish from a small 22 ft. skiff.

    We fish with small nets. This is three of our nets on the “lawn” in front of our cabin.

    We live in a small red cabin by the sea.

    Everywhere we look we are awed.

    Two things that are not small-scale are the size of the fish and the mountains! This is a stunning king salmon––probably 20 lbs. They get 90 lbs. +!!

    We love every salmon we catch. This is a huge Ugashik River red.

    Dinner for the night filleted on the beach after a long day fishing.

    Mother doing laundry the old fashioned way.

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