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  • Many of you have a lovingly autographed copy of the travel guidebook I wrote in 2010/2011 to the state of Alaska. Well, here is my stab at fiction. The book it called Hungry Country. I hope to be finished with the first draft by Christmas (I’m almost done now) and have an edited version in hand by the spring. You will all be solicited to buy a copy so get ready.

    Hungry Country Synopsis:
    A young husband and wife attempt to salvage their rocky marriage by traveling to Alaska to live in a remote wilderness cabin for the summer, counting wildlife for the state. When communications go down and it seems that Chris and Peter have been forgotten by the world, they set out across the vast tundra of northwest Alaska in search of a village. But after so many months alone in the wilderness, they return to find the state of humanity nearly unrecognizable. Even as the brutal landscape is a continual threat to their lives, the couple is faced with a much more devastating reality––a  posthuman world where the line between life, death and what it means to be human is blurred beyond recognition. This is a story about a man and a woman on a journey discovering, in the most visceral way possible, that the wilderness is as powerfully healing as it is savagely destructive and it is their absolute immersion in this truth that may save their marriage, and lives.

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