A Wonderful Week in Homer, Alaska

  • After a little more than a week relaxing with the folks in Homer, we left Alaska for the summer this evening. The weather was incredible so it was hard to break away. Last night we went camping across the bay from Homer and we boarded our plane today smelling of campfire smoke. It was a wonderful break after fishing with lots of berry picking, fish catching and eating, cooking, and relaxing time spent with family.

    Nicole & I across the bay from Homer, Alaska.

    Nicole at Diamond Creek.

    Nicole at a friend’s cabin in the beach.

    Cooking shrimp on the fire at the beach.

    The family hiking the beach.

    Sea star.

    Gathering wild mussels from the rocks.

    A wild blueberry haul from Peterson Bay.

    We hit the wild strawberry motherload!


    Artist Alex Combs’ cabin in Halibut Cove, Alaska.

    My parents with potatoes and tomatoes they grew.

    The Salty Dawg Saloon, the oldest building in Homer.

    We have been making salmon dog treats all summer with the bits left when we fillet salmon. Toby, for one, really likes them.

    Gordon and I chopped 4 cords of firewood for the winter. This is about 10% of what we felled, bucked, chopped and stacked.

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