Back in Homer

  • My family and I and some friends went across Kachemak Bay the other day to have dinner on the beach. Although it’s not far from town (a 25 minute skiff ride), we were totally alone besides the mountains, the sea and about 20 playful sea otters. My father bought a new boat, a landing craft, so we wanted to take it out on the bay to break it in. It’s a work boat and he will do things like haul freight to rural communities, move salmon in season, etc. After dinner around a driftwood camp fire a rain squall moved through so we reluctantly packed up and headed home to continue the evening by the wood stove in my parents’ house.

    Secret Beach.

    Walking the kniff edge to Haystack rock where there was an ancient native alaskan settlement. One eroding bank is full of marine mammal and fish bones, clam and snail shells, charcoal from their fires, and other stone and bone points and tools. Eagles also sometimes nest on the rock.

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