Bacon-Wrapped Salmon

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    After so many years cooking salmon, it’s wonderful to still be moved to say, “this is the best salmon I’ve ever had,” as I did yesterday when I cooked this.

    Prep Time

    15 minutes

    Cook Time

    15 minutes




    • 1 lb. sockeye, coho or king salmon
    • Salt
    • 8 strips bacon
    • 3 Tbsp maple syrup
    • 1 Tbsp corse mustard
    • Zest from half a lemon


    1. Thaw salmon overnight in fridge and remove from bag over the sink. Rinse once under cold tap water and pat dry.
    2. Remove pin bones, if present, with pin bone pliers or tweezers (a dull pair of scissors actually works too).
    3. Cut into 2 portions (see picture below).
    4. Sprinkle salt over each portion.
    5. If you would like to weave the bacon over the salmon like I did, cut the bacon down the middle (the long direction) to have 16 strips. Then cut those in half to have 32 short thin strips.
    6.  Weave bacon over the top of each piece of salmon leaving the ends long. When done, use a sharp knife to cut off bacon ends around the perimeter of the salmon (see pictures below).
    7. Preheat oven to high broil.
    8. Combine and mix the maple syrup, lemon zest, and mustard to make the glaze.
    9. Drizzle glaze over bacon-wrapped salmon.
    10. Place on grate over cooking sheet or on foil on cooking sheet.
    11. Place in oven on middle rack and cook 8-12 minutes. Bacon should be crispy on top and fish just done inside (thermometer poked inside reads 130-135 F). I actually made a few extra portions just to test the cooking time. I knew it would be a trick to get the bacon just right and the fish just barely cooked at the same time. A reference recipe called for baking at 375 but that resulted in limp bacon that didn’t appeal to me. The broiling technique worked great for me but testing a sacrificial portion in your oven might be worth while before you put in the rest.

    Chef’s Tip: You will see that in my pictures that I plated the salmon with a few other elements. The rice is a East Indian saffron rice pilaf with Ghee sautéed apples, broccoli, avocado with pink salt, and in the back are homemade pickled spicy carrots.


    This is coho salmon. Remember to remove the skin and pin bones.


    Here the bacon strips have been cut down the middle the long direction. After cutting them in half (the short direction) they will be ready to weave.


    The edges of the bacon are not tucked under, just cut off around the edges.


    Some folks suggest basting the fish multiple times with the glaze during cooking but I found that the cook time is so short an the glaze is so strong, it’s not needed. I glazed the pieces once before cooking and it was great.


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