First Salmon Pick Up A Success!

  • This evening my wife and I drove down to Quincy Park in N. Arlington for or first salmon pick up. While I have been fishing a long time, direct marketing is new to us. We normally sell our salmon bulk to commercial buyers and the relationship is very limited. Because we enjoy talking about anything fishing or Alaska, we are thinking we will be really happy direct marketing here in the DC area. What a pleasure it was meeting everyone and sharing stories this evening!

    Today, my wife and I were both reminded how community and food go hand in hand. We may no longer have a culture of food in America, as it exists in other countries, but many of us still strive for that ideal and reach out for it whenever we can. Today we provided great food to wonderful people and they, the long-time members of this community, opened their arms to us Alaskan transplants.

    We are really excited for the pick up tomorrow!!

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