Fished the Outside Beach Today

  • Last night we heard two things: that fishing was open today from 11-11 and also that the weather was going to snotty. I went to sleep confident in my plan to fish inside the river the following morning. I woke up at 9am and was surprised to see that the wind was light from the SW, not W 20 like the forecast had said. This was the perfect day to fish the outside beach, the open Bering Sea. I bolted out of bed, yelled at Dustin to get up, made waffles in record time and was in the boat 30 minutes later. The trip is much longer to the outside than to my in river fishing spot so we needed to get going. Since it is the open ocean, there was some surf but nothing we couldn’t handle. We got there 30 minutes early then set the net at exactly 11am. The wind stayed light from the SW and it rained or misted on us all day. It felt like we were trapped in a snow globe (more like a rain globe actually…) as we couldn’t see anything around us. The fishing wasn’t red hot but we did get 790 lbs. in the end. I love fishing the outside because the currents are mellow (makes it easier to manage the net) and the water is clear so you can run the net and see the fish. The downside is that the fish can see the net so they sometimes just go around. We got some nice big sockeye and also some amazing kings. A 25 pounder and some smaller ones. All in all, another amazing day on the water.

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