Give the gift of Salmon

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    Give the Gift of Salmon This Holiday Season

    For the foodie with everything, a box of our best salmon might be just the thing.

    Long ago we learned that salmon is the best gift. That was true partly because it’s what we’ve always had to give, but more importantly it’s a gift that doesn’t clutter someone’s life (with the exception of their freezer, and usually only very briefly!), it is unique and probably unlike any gift they have ever received, and the memory of the gift lingers on their tongue and in their memory long after the dishes are washed.

    We are offering gift boxes of bone-in Sockeye and King salmon portions from our private reserve, all caught and cut by me this fall. This is the best salmon we’ve ever produced. It’s literally the fish I put up for myself and my family for the winter. But don’t worry about us starving, I got a little overzealous with our home pack so we do have some to spare. That being said, what we’re offering is very limited so email right away if your interested. We’ll help folks in the order they contact us. We’ll make every effort to get it there by Christmas.

    If this sounds like fun, there are more details to the left. 

    We look forward to hearing from you,

    Traveler, Nicole, & Cedar

    How Give Seafood

    1. Email ( & tell me the recipient’s name, address, & how much of each species you would like to give them. Minimum order-10 lbs.
    2. I will email you with a total quote including shipping, packaging & dry ice. Remember that the more you order, the cheaper shipping is per pound.
    3. If you OK the quote, I will ship your order FedEx overnight from Alaska. I will email you a tracking number.


    • Sockeye Salmon Portions – $16
    • King Salmon Portions – $28


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