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    Give the Gift of Seafood This Holiday Season

    For the foodie with everything, one of our handmade seafood gift cards might be just the thing

    Through the lean and the rich years, a freezer full of beautiful seafood has been the one constant in our lives. This means that more often than not, our friends get seafood for gifts. Although we gave seafood because that’s what we had back then, we soon found that seafood was the perfect gift for folks who appreciate good food. It’s a gift that doesn’t clutter the someone’s life (with the exception of their freezer, and usually only very briefly!), it is unique and probably unlike any gift they have ever received, and the memory of the gift lingers on their tongue and in their memory long after the dishes are washed.

    To celebrate our 25-month-old daughter’s new found ability and passion for cutting large pieces of paper in tiny ones with toddler-proof scissors, we thought it might be fitting to make our seafood gift cards by hand from various arty papers. In that spirit, the three of us set to work to make a custom seafood gift card no one will soon forget. Each is cut by hand, embossed, and hand-lettered for a one-of-a-kind gift. Because each is handmade, we can inscribe a custom message or we can leave it mostly blank for you to write you own message.

    How Give Seafood

    1. Email or call (907.299.1119) and tell us the recipient’s name, their address (if you’d like us to send it directly to them), and how much you would like to give.
    2. You can easily pay for the gift card with a credit card over the phone. If you have an account with us, we can charge the balance there.
    3. Seafood gift cards can be given in any amount over $50. 
    4. We can send the gift card to you for you to present to the recipient, or we can mail the card directly to the recipient with or without a custom message.
    5. If a very custom gift card strikes your fancy, we can hand-letter almost anything you’d like, or we can send it near blank and you can inscribe your own message.
    6. Recipients can redeem the value of their gift card at the Palisades or Falls Church Farmers Markets or online to use toward a Share of the summer’s catch.
    7. We inscribe the back of each card with clear instruction on how to redeem the gift’s value. This includes a special website for more info and our phone number.
    8. We will complete and ship your seafood gift card within 1 day. 

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