Grilled Salmon w/ Tomato & Fruit Relish

  • This is a recipe I have been raving about for, oh, about a year now. If you have bought salmon from me chances are you have heard me monologue at length about this one. It’s something I have tweaked enough that I am just going to call it my own recipe. Here it is.


    In this recipe the wild, “oceany” flavor of the salmon is set off by the super-fresh sweet and acid flavors of the relish. Few meals tast as fresh to me as this one. While you can follow this simple recipe exactly and have a wonderful meal, when entertaining company I often like to add a few more simple elements. This meal normally consists of a piece of salmon right off the grill with a bit of relish on the side. Folks can combine the flavors in their mouth as they see fit. But why not take this a step further? I like to add one or more dipping sauces to the mix. Something like cilantro pesto is amazing with grilled salmon. With your company chomping at the bit to dig into dinner, you can bring the salmon in off the grill and set out the fruit relish and a variety of sauces for people to try. This is a lot of fun for your diners since they can be creative making each bite a phantasmagoria of flavor! Those who love the simple flavor of the salmon will eat the salmon on its own, while those who are feeling adventurous or are still getting used to the flavor of sockeye can add as much or as little of the relish or sauces to each bite of salmon as they see fit. It’s a wonderful, colorful, tasty meal that will please everyone.


    • The king or sockeye salmon can be marinated in your choice of marinade or, preferably, just sprinkled with a little salt and pepper then grilled (tips on grilling here). If serving a group, a fillet looks amazing as apposed to portions.Relish:
    • Cherry tomatoes, firm, cut in half. The good ones from a farmers market, not usually the ones from the grocery store.
    • Sweet fruit. Whatever fruit is really good and sweet while also being firm, use that. Mangos, kiwis, nectarines and red grapes are all great if firm and sweet.
    • Fresh chopped cilantro, fresh chopped basil, fresh chopped mint. You can use one or all three of these depending on what you are going for.
    • One orange or tangerine cut in half and squeezed over the top.
    • Mixed lightly together and dont overmix. This relish/salad needs to stay nice and firm and fresh and not get slimy with too much mixing or fussing.
    • Serve with a slotted spoon to minimize juice on the plate.


    • Grill salmon in a hot grill (400-425) until just done (still a little raw inside).
    • While fish cooks, prepare the relish. Combine all ingredients together and squeeze an orange over the top. Mix gingerly. Don’t overmix, you dont want the relish to get slimy at all.
    • If using dipping sauces, prepare those now as well.
    • Be sure to have the relish and dipping sauces and all other aspects of the meal ready before the salmon comes off the grill. When the salmon comes off the grill set it out and get people eating. This is when the salmon will be the best–a little raw in the middle but just barely cooking though as it sits a moment on the table.
    • Cut a portion of the cooked fillet off and put it on your plate. Add a scoop of relish to the side (the less of the orange juice gets on your plate the better), and dollop some of the dipping sauces around the salmon as well.
    • Enjoy!

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