Holiday Special Order – King Crab, Sablefish, King Salmon, Smoked Salmon

  • If you would like to order any of our special treats for the holidays, download our order form and get back to us by Sunday, November 11th by midnight. That’s tomorrow so short turnaround. Because of the short deadline, please email in the order form or call to place your order. tel: 907 299 1119


    Here is a photo gallery of the boys catching our crab on the f/v Courageous with a few general crab fishing pictures near the end.

    RED KING CRAB – Caught by our friends on the f/v Courageous. They are fishing the Bering Sea right now and will ship to us right from Dutch Harbor, Alaska on Monday. $32.99/lb, 5 lb min order.
    SABLEFISH – The best white fish in the sea. Period. We have whole fillets, perfect for entertaining, and also half fillets. $27.99/lb. 5 lb min order.
    KING SALMON – King of the sea. King salmon are rich, rich, rich with a mild salmon flavor and a hint of the sea. We have two whole ivory/white king fillets (very rare, only 2% of kings are ivory) as well as regular king in portions. $27.99/lb. 5 lb min order.
    SMOKED SOCKEYE – We are doing some special smoked salmon for the holidays. We are doing whole and half side in a cold smoked sockeye and also hot smoked in smaller chunks. $29.99/lb for hot smoked, $32.99/lb for cold smoked. 5 lb min order.

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