Just Tried a New Recipe – Amazing!

  • This evening Nicole and I were talking about what to have for dinner:

    “I’m really hungry.”

    “Me too.”

    “Should we go out? Maybe to the Bangladeshi place we heard about?”

    “No, we just went out last night. Let’s stay in.”

    “So, what should we have? We don’t have much food in the house.”

    “You mean besides the 500 pounds of salmon downstairs?”

    “Oh yea, should we have salmon?”

    But for two people who eat a lot of salmon, how to cook it so that it’s new and exciting is a challenge. I needed a good recipe… After doing some fruitless internet searching I went to the most obvious source that had somehow skipped my mind––my own website, this one! The question of which recipe to use was answered when I remembered two things: the very intriguing sounding mango and kiwi recipe I had posted to the site a week or so ago and I that I just happened to have a glut of mangoes and kiwis at the moment. The coincidence was too much to ignore. I rolled up my sleeves and went for it.

    Here is the recipe I used.

    First of all, I loved the recipe and so did Nicole. I have spent most of my life cooking salmon in just a few ways––Alaskan-style with just a simple marinade on the grill. But this new idea of salting the salmon and adding a fresh and sweet relish or salsa is really something. I think I’m in love with it! With good mangoes and kiwis this recipe may take the cake.

    I augmented the relish with fresh basil and mint leaves and I added cherry tomatoes (chopped in half). I think this really filled out the relish and made it more colorful and fun besides. I also cooked the salmon in the George Forman Grill, which was an excellent way to do it. The salmon cooks from both sides at the same time and the filet doesn’t get flipped (as in grill cooking) so there is no possibility of making a beautiful fillet ugly.

    King salmon on the George Forman Grill.

    The relish before I added the cilantro, mint and basil leaves.

    A nice bit of king with a big helping of relish. Yum!

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