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    King crab for the holidays anyone?

    It may not be traditional, but king crab is a delicious & memorable way to feed your family this Thanksgiving or Christmas.

    • Order Deadline: Dec. 6th
    • Minimum Order: 5 lbs.
    • Price: $29.99/lb.
    • Payment: No deposit required. Pay in full when you pick up.
    • Pickup Location: Any of our farmers markets. Here are the markets we attend.
    • Pickup Days: Any market day between Nov. 21 & Dec. 20.
    • How to order: Email (info@coldcountrysalmon.com) or call us (907.299.1119) and let us know how many pounds you would like, which market you’d like to pickup at, and what day.

    When the Bering Sea crab season comes to a close each year (right about now), I never forget to call my crab-fishing friends for a few boxes of fresh king crab. It’s always a tough season out there but it’s over now & we have the bounty in hand!
    Last season we snagged the biggest and the best of the catch–the “skip-molts.” This year we got them again! Skip-molt crab don’t molt their shells when they normally would-the result is a truly massive crab that is “full,” meaning the legs are absolutely loaded with meat. Crab caught soon after their molt are not “full,” but rather there is a lot of space inside their shell-something you often see with anonymous grocery store crab. While king crab are always big (the state record is 24 lbs. and 5 ft wide!), these skip-molts are the biggest of the big.
    These crab are the biggest and the meatiest because they didn’t molt into a new shell recently, and their shells show that extra character. This might include barnacles or scratches on their shells from their adventures on the bottom of the Bering Sea. Although the shells of these crab have some extra character, these huge crab will be better than anything you’ve ever had before. This is what the crab fishermen themselves eat!

    King Crab Cooking Tips

    We have lots of info on our site about cooking your king crab. Have a look here. Just look for the section called “King Crab Recipes.” The basics are pretty simply–just put the frozen crab in a pot to steam for 10-15 minutes.

    About the Crab

    The crab comes in “clusters,” which are half crabs, cooked, glazed in ice, & ready to warm & enjoy. Each cluster is 3 legs & a claw, weighs 2-4 lbs. & feeds 2-3 people.

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