• A spring treat has arrived — Sablefish & King!

    It’s been too long since sablefish or king has graced my coolers or my belly so I am thrilled to announce that at long last, our two most coveted winter/spring treats–sablefish and king salmon–have finally arrived!
    While the season for sablefish just opened recently, the kings have been slow to come in due to cold water. This time last year we had a constant supply of these treats but this year has been a different story and has made me, for one, appreciate them when they are here.
    Both the king and the sablefish were caught this week–how’s that for fresh?! The only reason they aren’t still kickin’ is because they’re frozen. The king will be in 1-2 lb. portions (section of a fillet, nice and thick, pin-bone-in) and the sablefish will be half fillets at about 9oz to 16oz each.
    Although I hope to have a more constant supply in May, the past few months have reminded me how fickle fish and us fisherman can be. Come pick some up at either of the two farmers markets this weekend or call / email anytime to have some delivered (with a 5 lb. min. order and if your near the N. Arlington area).
    Other things you will find this weekend at the markets:
    Sold out for the year:
    • Hot smoked Alaskan-style smoked salmon
    • Sockeye salmon fillets (half fish) — we still have portions.


    As you know, we are getting ready head north to fish for the summer. Although we don’t leave until the end of May, we do like to take a little time to gather our thoughts and get ready for fishing. This means we will stop attending the farmers markets altogether for the summer season sometime in early May. Though we are not entirely sure of the exact date we will stop the markets, here is what we are thinking right now: 
    • Falls Church Market: Last day April 27th or May 4.
    • Palisades Market: Last day May 5 or May 12
    These dates are just thoughts right now and we may attend one weekend longer here and there. We will keep you updated as we know more. Even after we stop attending farmers markets we will still be happy to accommodate customers by delivering up until the day we go to Alaska.


    Also remember we are offering one share (22 lbs.) of amazing boneless, skin-on sockeye portions for $12.99/lb. If you would like a share at this price, call or email us and we can either bring it to the markets where you can pick it up, or we may be able to deliver it to your house.
    See you at the markets!
    Traveler Terpening and Nicole Ziegler

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