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  • For those of you who didn’t get our most recent email, here is the gist.

    Back from Fish Camp

    Gale winds, mountainous seas and knee deep in salmon!

    Fishing was a success and great fun this year! I say that every year, which makes me think that I probably have pretty low standards for what makes something fun, or successful for that matter. And I think that’s a good thing! I tend to get scornful looks when, after returning from fish camp, I excitedly proclaim to someone: “It was downright balmy at fish camp this season! At least 55-60 a few days there at the end. And the sky was semi-blue now and then too!” When one spends too much time in Western Alaska, this type of thing tends to happen.

    In all seriousness though, this year was amazing. Although some of our fish decided to wait until next year to come back (they actually do this so they can be nice and fat when they spawn), we had a great return of sockeye and everyone caught a few boats full. Also, our river’s biologist (his job is to manage only the two rivers where we fish) got his “escapement,” which means that yet again the future of our fishery is ensured. If your curious, “escapement” is the number of fish required to “escape” upriver to spawn so there are plenty of salmon in the future. Both low and high escapement can be a bad thing, but this year, Paul Salomone” nailed it (his last name is seriously Salomone!).

    The optimum escapement number is based on the amount of perfect habitat to lay eggs in. This year we had almost one million salmon head upriver, which is a lot of salmon and a lot of perfect salmon habitat. All that perfect habitat is what makes Bristol Bay the largest sockeye salmon run on earth. Perfect salmon habitat, in case you were wondering, is the combination a big river ending in a big lake and lots of little streams full of pea gravel flowing into that lake. And all need to be absolutely pristine. We have this in abundance.

    My wife and I and the other fisherman with whom I share the river, are all intensely prideful of our fishery. We love that our fish are bigger than almost any other (just genetically superior I guess); we love that our biologist’s entire life revolves around making sure our river is healthy forever (that’s true sustainability!); and we love that we get to spend our summers in such a wild, vibrant (and cold and windy!) place knee deep (sometimes literally) in one of earth greatest migrations. It’s also nice to feed our family and our customers healthy, sustainable, tasty and wild food!

    Preorder Customers

    If you preordered a share of this summer’s catch, never fear, your fish is on its way as I write this! I will send out an email in a few days to all you patient (and hopefully hungry) preorder customers so please look for that. That email will have all the whereand when details you will need to pick up your salmon mid-September. It’s going to be easier than ever with 8 different pickup days to choose from and in two locations–Falls Church, V.A. and Palisades, D.C.

    Step by step, this is how we do it:

    It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3… well, through 10.

    New Schedule

    For those of you who haven’t heard yet, things will be a little different this coming winter. It will be great for our family and I hope for yours too. Because my wife has started doing some really fun work outside the area, we will be in and out of the DC/NoVA area this winter. Because of this new schedule, we will be at the Falls Church (8AM-12AM Saturdays) and Palisades (9AM-1PM Sundays) farmers markets only sporadically. We may also find ourselves at the Old Town Alexandria Farmers Market on Saturday but we will have to keep you tuned about that. If we find someone wonderful to help us out with the markets, we may extend our schedule to every market all winter as we have in the past. But for this winter, we will be present at the markets on the following dates only:

    September 2013: (Dates final. Mark your calendars!)
    • 14th — Falls Church Farmers Market. 8-12 Saturday.
    • 15th — Palisades Farmers Market. 9-1 Sunday.
    • Our preorder pickup will be here in the middle. Look for an email in a few days with the details.
    • 21st — Falls Church Farmers Market. 8-12 Saturday.
    • 22nd — Palisades Farmers Market. 9-1 Sunday.

    December 2013: (Approximate, dates may change.)

    • 7th — Falls Church Farmers Market. 8-12 Saturday.
    • 8th — Palisades Farmers Market. 9-1 Sunday.
    • 14th — Falls Church Farmers Market. 8-12 Saturday.
    • 15th — Palisades Farmers Market. 9-1 Sunday.

    May 2014: (Approximate, dates may change.)

    • 3rd — Falls Church Farmers Market. 8-12 Saturday.
    • 4th — Palisades Farmers Market. 9-1 Sunday.
    • 10th — Falls Church Farmers Market. 8-12 Saturday.
    • 11th — Palisades Farmers Market. 9-1 Sunday.

    The Local Market

    We’ll be there in Virginia before too long (after we relax for a few weeks) but if your hankering for some king salmon or sablefish in the meantime and you’re out of your stock from the spring, head over to The Local Market (246 W Broad St  Falls Church, VA 22046. Tel: (703) 536-6123). We left some nice

    pieces with them before we headed to Alaska this spring.

    Address Change

    We have moved so please don’t use our old address (5007 20th St., N.) any longer. Give us a call or send us an email. Tel: 907.299.111 / eMail: info@coldcountrysalmon.com. We’re on the move most of the time so this is best anyhow.

    Fish Camp Photos

    Here are a few pictures we took at fish camp this year:http://coldcountrysalmon.com/fish-camp-best-of/were-home-from-fish-camp. 

    We shot a lot of video as well and hope to have that up before too long. But don’t hold your breath as video takes so long to edit. We’ve still only put out 2 of the 4 videos we promised last year! We’ll be better this year. Stay tuned.

    All the best and stay in touch!
    Traveler, Nicole & Cedar
    –Homer, Alaska

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