Salmon Preordering Now Available

  • Preorder your share of the 2012 catch.

    Now that the new year has rolled around, we are accepting preorders for this summer’s catch.

    If you would like to preorder your share of the salmon we will catch this coming summer, you can simply fill out our preorder form and return it to us by U.S. mail or email with a 50% deposit. Like last year, we will offer our salmon in vacuum sealed and fast frozen portions (5-10oz.) and fillets (1-2 lbs.). Salmon will be available in “shares” which are approx. 22 pounds each. One share is the minimum order but, as always, the more shares you order the more affordable the whole order becomes. Get together with your friends, families and neighbors to build community and save money!

    If you preordered with us last season you know how easy it is, if you haven’t, it’s easy! This is how we do it:

    1. Fill out our simple preorder form and return it to us by U.S. mail or by eMail as soon as you decide how much salmon you would like. Include a 50% deposit for the total; you will pay the balance when you receive your salmon in the fall. Download the form here.
    2. We fish May–August then return to D.C. in late August with our catch filleted, vacuum sealed and flash frozen to perfection.
    3. We’ll either deliver your salmon to your home or office personally or you can meet us at one of our N. Arlington salmon pickup points–usually Quincy Park.

    With everything we are doing to improve our business both here in D.C. and in Alaska, the biggest thing we have going is that, starting this summer, we are going to fillet, vacuum seal and freeze all our own salmon. Whereas we have hired an outfit in the past, this summer we’re going to meticulously process by hand so we can keep track of our salmon every step of the way. This will drive quality up and keep us busy during those long idle summer days commercial fishing (just kidding, but we think we can handle to work!).

    Here’s how it will work:

    1. When a salmon comes over the side of the boat we will carefully bleed it and gently place it in a small tote full of ice.
    2. After no more than a few hours we will run into the beach and carry the salmon into our fancy (for remote Alaska standards) state of Alaska approved facility.
    3. Once on shore, we will fillet each salmon by hand, remove the pin bones, vacuum seal, add our sticker then quickly freeze the fillet in our walk in freezer. This means the salmon will go from ocean to freezer in the shortest possible period of time–no more than a few hours! If you loved our salmon this year, you will flip for it this coming year.
    4. In the first week of August, a chartered twin-engine DC-3 airplane will fly in and land on the gravel strip. There are no roads within almost 400 miles of where we fish so getting our salmon out by small plane is our only option. We will load the plane with our salmon then climb abord ourselves and ride with our precious cargo all the way to Anchorage.

    It’s very exciting for us to transport our salmon in the DC-3 airplane because these now seldom used aircraft flew a great deal of salmon out of Bristol Bay in decades past. As a young woman, my mother commercial fished near the Ugashik River and still tells stories of the huge silver DC-3s landing on the beach dodging bears and walrus (probably a mild exaggeration on her part) to pick up their salmon fresh off the boat. It’s thrilling for us to be doing much the same so many years later.

    For more information on preordering, see the order form or visit our website.

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