Salmon Delivery to Georgia

  • This last week Nicole and I drove to Georgia to deliver about 500 pounds of salmon to customers in the Ellijay area, about an hour north of Atlanta. Lori and Wayne, the parents of Obadiah (my crewman this year), put this order together from amongst their friends and were gracious enough to host Nicole and I as well as a salmon party on Saturday. We harvested a phantasmagoria of flowers and veggies from Lori’s garden and with the salmon made the most glorious meal for the 30 or so guests that evening.

    We wanted out customers to be able to taste a number of different recipes and salmon species so we grilled up some king and some red simply with salt, pepper and a little butter. We then presented a number of toppings, relishes and sauces to pair with the salmon. Lori made an amazing Cilantro Pesto that went wonderfully with the salmon. We also made up a red grape and tomato salsa which was super. Lori harvested a basket full of anaheim and jalapeno peppers which she cut and grilled to perfection. The heat of the peppers was knocked back and they were devine. The rest of the meal was made up with dished brought by our customers including wonderful salads, quiches, cookies and more.

    We also put on a quick smoked salmon demonstration for our guests. We started by talking to a large group about the different species of salmon, their biology and natural history and the differenced in how they taste. We moved on to how to salt brine salmon, season then smoke.  What a great evening! We hope to make it an annual thing.

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  • Traveler 10.16.2011

    Thanks so much Lori and Wayne and everyone who came out Saturday night. It was wonderful to meet you all. We will see you next year!