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  • Nicole and I had a very salmon themed evening. After strangely being struck with the desire to make stuffed animals, I went to the store and bought some wool. Staring at the pile of expensive wool on my floor at home, I couldn’t, for the life of me, remember what had inspired the flight of craft fantasy. What did I even want to make? I couldn’t remember. I went into the kitchen and to prepare a nice fillet of king salmon for dinner. As I cradled the bright fillet in my hands between the sink and the grill it struck me, I would make a stuffed salmon!

    It’s funky, yes, but just quirky enough to be fun!

    Thankfully, dinner was not “quirky.” It looked wonderful and tasted even better. When the stars align and all the ingredients are perfect and fresh, it’s hard to go wrong. The king salmon was grilled for 5 minutes with roasted, fresh ground black pepper, coarse salt, a little cayenne pepper and 1 tsp of Yoshida’s sauce spread evenly over the top. The beans were super––they were sauteed in butter and garlic for 2 minutes then steamed in chicken stock for 1o minutes then tossed with coarse salt, pepper and pecans. The salad is simply really good orange cherry tomatos and crisp red grapes all cut in half. The two of us ate the whole fillet!

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