Smoked Salmon & King Crab is Here

  • Our Alaskan-style, hot smoked salmon

    Come see us at the farmers markets this weekend (Dec. 21 & 22) for some of our Alaska-style hot smoked salmon and king crab from our friends on the F/V Courageous. Although we will have smoked salmon into the new year, we will probably sell out of crab this weekend, so this may be your last chance until next November! We will also have king salmon and sablefish. Our sablefish supply is low as well and the season doesn’t open again until March/April so get that while we have it. King salmon should be available well into the new year. A little more good news is that we will probably be making our smoked salmon spread once more. Look for that in the new year at the markets.

    My dear friends, Maura, Zac and Wendy, are tending the markets for me, as you may have noticed. They will take incredible care of you and if you ever have any further questions, please call or email me directly.

    Maura at the market sellin' crab and Zac's son at home eating it.

    Maura at the market sellin’ crab and Zac’s son at home eating it.

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