The Alaskan Connection to Salmon: A Study

  • In 2013 The Salmon Project, together with DHM Research, conducted a public opinion study examining the connection of Alaskans to salmon. The results are very interesting, particularly to me as an Alaskan. Researchers divided the state into 5 geographic regions and analyzed the data from each region independently. I was very proud to read that, “The Southwest stood out throughout the survey as the most connected, engaged, and enthusiastic of the five regions on wild salmon issues.” (We fish in this region). The study went on to say that Southwest Alaska residents “were more likely than residents of all other regions to work in the commercial fishing industry or to fish for subsistence or personal use.” Fifty percent of Southwest Alaska inhabitance said that they were “very connected” to wild salmon vs. 37% statewide.

    I recommend looking though the study if you are interested. It’s very easy to read and relatively short.

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