We’re Home From Fish Camp

  • We just got home from fish camp and we’re taking a few days to relax. Here are a few photos. What a season! I hate to admit it, but we had such nice weather and so few bugs this summer! What a treat. But, I fear we will pay for it next year with storms and bugs galore. There are no free lunches in nature. But we did get a few storms and we earned out fish.

    We’re really excited about the fish we caught and packed up for everyone in DC this year. Between us and a few friend who fish in Alaska, we put together the best “pack” I think I have ever seen. I think it will be the best fish you all have ever tasted.

    King, sockeye and sablefish–it’s all on its way back east right now. It looks like we will be back in town and ready for folks to pick up their salmon in the first few weeks of September. If you preordered, look for an email from us with all the details in a few weeks.

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