Winter King / Sablefish Pickup Details

  • This pickup is for those who ordered Winter King and/or sablefish. This pickup is not for those who preordered sockeye from this coming summer’s catch.

    If you cannot make it to either of these pick up points, please just email us and we will either deliver your fish or we would be happy to meet you.



    There are two pickup dates, both will be at Quincy park.

    • Saturday April 21, 2012 – From 10pm–12pm
    • Sunday April 22, 2012 – From 12pm–2pm


    Quincy Park is in N. Arlington, VA. The park is at the corner of N. Quincy St. and Washington Blvd. There are a number of parking areas around the park so be sure to look at the map to find the right one. The blue pin is on the specific lot where we meet. This lot is the only one that fronts on Washington Blvd.
    View Quincy Park – Cold Country Salmon Pickup Point in a larger map

    What to Bring / Payment:

    • Bring a cooler or freezer bag to keep your frozen fish frozen. A medium sized cooler should be sufficient to fit 10 lbs of king. If you ordered more fish, bring a medium/large cooler. If you have a long drive, bring freezer packs or even frozen bottles of water.
    • Please bring a checkbook or cash to pay your balance plus 5% tax. We can also take cards.

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