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  • ccs-salmon-fennel-recipe-sq

    Salmon With Fennel Salad

    December 26th, 2015 | Baked, Blog, Coho Salmon, Grilled, Keta Salmon, King Salmon, Pan Seared, Poached, Salads, Salmon Recipes | Traveler | No Comments

    I love the ultra-fresh taste and mouth-feel of fennel. So when I came across this recipe in Bon Appétit Magazine, I had give it try. The recipe calls for Char (we call it dolly varden in Alaska). “Dolly” is a beautiful game fish which I spent many snowy November days pursuing with my father, but is an inferior […]

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  • ccs-sockeye-salad

    Sockeye Salmon Salad

    July 15th, 2014 | Recipes, Salads, Salmon Recipes | Traveler | No Comments

    Serves: 2 Ingredients: HONEY MUSTARD VINAIGRETTE 1 t grainy Dijon mustard 1 T balsamic vinegar 1 T honey 2 T canola oil 1 T extra-virgin olive oil Salt & pepper to taste SALAD 2–3 C mixed baby greens, such as butter head, kale, and beet 1 small apple, halved, cored and sliced 2 T dried cranberries 1/4 […]

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  • ccs-salmon-avacado-recipe

    Salmon Avocado Salad

    April 27th, 2014 | Blog, Raw, Recipes, Salads | Traveler | No Comments

    Here is a  is a really interesting and delicious recipe by Greg Henry at The salmon pieces are “cooked” ceviche style in a dressing/marinade and the lovely avocado balls are made with a mellon baller. Simple, quick, delicious, and no special ingredients are required––we love it! We have tried this with sockeye but we are dying […]

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  • ccs-poke

    RECIPE: Salmon Poke

    February 18th, 2013 | Blog, King Salmon, Raw, Recipes, Salads, Sockeye Salmon | Traveler | No Comments

    From The Blind Cook Poke (pronounced POH-kee) is a common raw fish salad eaten in Hawaii. It is a wonderfully fresh meal and really celebrates the quality and subtle flavors of the salmon. Because the salmon is being consumed raw, please be sure to only use high-quality previously frozen salmon. We recommend our king salmon […]

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  • ccs-recipe-2

    Salmon Cobb Salad

    March 21st, 2012 | Blog, Recipes, Salads, Salmon Recipes | Traveler | No Comments

    Prep Time 15-20 minutes Cook Time 15 minutes Serves 12 Ingredients Salmon: 60 oz. salmon cut into 1 oz pieces vegetable oil Kosher salt Black pepper, fine Dressing: 12 oz. mayonnaise 1 oz white wine vinegar 1/4 cup parsley, fresh, roughly chopped 1/4 cup green onion, roughly chopped 1 Tbsp. basil, fresh, roughly chopped 1 […]

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