Don Rockwell Annual Picnic

  • We were invited to this year’s Don Rockwell picnic to present on how to smoke salmon and to talk about wild Alaskan salmon in general. What a group of people! The food was all hand made and amazing and the level of knowledge and passion about food and cooking was staggering. I felt honored to be a part of the gathering and to contribute.

    After eating my first lunch of the afternoon, I assembled salmon, my smoker and the ingredients to prep and smoke salmon. An announcement was made and folks started to break off their conversations and wander over to where I was setup. Sitting around a picnic table, we discussed salmon, sustainability, fishing methods, salmon flavor, texture and quality and how to smoke salmon at home. I showed folks how to salt brine, sugar glaze, pepper, air glaze then smoke their own salmon. I also talked about store-bought smokers vs hand made smokers and the different woods that can be used to smoke salmon.

    I was full but, like most folks at the picnic I think, I went back for more food time and time again. After meeting so many amazing people and eating so much wonderful food, I was physically, emotionally and mentally stuffed. At the end of the day I waddled back to my car with 2 plates of the most amazing gluten free brownies for my wife. Thanks everyone!

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