King Salmon & Sablefish Order & Pickup Info

  • Whether you asked for some king or sablefish on your 2012 preorder form or just want to get some now last minute, this page should give you all the info you need

    Our sablefish is finally here now and our king will be here this Wednesday. We are offering our first king and sablefish pickups this weekend, October 7th and 7th, 2012.

    King salmon (also known as chinook) is an amazing fish. These are the first to come back to the Ugashik River every year and some of them are enormous! We caught several hundred pounds of king this year and some weighed in excess of 35 pounds (the world record is 126 lbs!). They also tast devine with a mild flavor and very rich tast. This year we have a small amount of ivory king. This rare type of king salmon has stunning pure white flesh. Only 2-3% of all king salmon are ivory. We also have a limited quantity of sablefish––the same amazing stuff we had last year. The sablefish along with the ivory king was caught in the last few weeks by our dear friend in Petersburg, Alaska. We do have some full king fillets (3-5 lbs.) as well as 1-2 lbs. portions. The sablefish is in 1/2 fillets that weight about 0.5-1.5 lb.s each.

    • King Salmon – $27.99/lb (5 lb. min order. Available in 1-2 lb. portions and 3-5 lb fillets).

      (If you mentioned you wanted some on your 2012 preorder from, the price printed there will be honored.)

    • Ivory King Salmon – $29.99/lb (5 lb. min order. Available in 1-2 lb. portions and 3-5 lb fillets).

    • Sablefish – $27.99/lb (5 lb. min order. Portions are 1/2 fillets weighting 0.5-1.5 lbs. ea.). 

    If you would like some king and/or sablefish, just follow these simple instructions:

    1. Visit our scheduler page to sign up for a date & time slot. Please write in the comment field how many pounds of each you would like. Remember the minimum order per species is 5 lbs.
    2. You will get an email confirming your pickup with the date & time. The day before your pickup date you will get a reminder email.
    3. Come meet us at 5007 20th St. N., Arlington, VA. 22207 to pickup your delicious seafood! See Google map below for the exact location.
    4. Please remember to bring a cooler.
    5. Payment: although I am happy to take credit cards, a check is preferable.

    Can’t make it to one of our pickups?

    No problem. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to make any of our pickups, please email us & we will gladly make other arrangements. We are here for you & are in no rush ourselves. We will work with you to get your salmon over when it’s convenient for all parties. In many cases we may be able to deliver it ourselves.

    North Arlington – 5007 20th St. N., Arlington, VA. 22207

    Please have a look at the precise location of the mark on the map. This is where we will meet.