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  • Salmon Smokers

    Smoke your own salmon at home

    When we started teaching classes on how to smoke salmon, we were repeatedly asked by our students where we got our wonderful smoker and where they could get one of their own. Well, it is a wonderful smoker, it’s called a Smokin’ Tex, and we recommend them highly. We are also now retails for this small Texas company so order one from us and we’ll have it shipped right to your house in a few days. Or, if you would like, we will deliver it ourselves and give you a personal demo on how to make your own smoked salmon!

    Few things in life a more satisfying than providing good, healthy food for yourself and your family. Smoking salmon is one of those things I have done since I was a kid and to this day the smell of gently smoldering alder wood and salmon wafting on a gentle breeze is nearly enough to bring tears to my eyes. I can think of no better way to spend my days than working between the kitchen and the back yard prepping salmon, smoking salmon and finally, finding a nice sunny place to sit with my wife and enjoy a piece of warm smoked salmon with some crackers, cheese and fruit.

    We use the Smokin’ Tex 1100 series smoker and we think its just right. We can smoke 3-4 fillets (cut into portions) at once and the fact that it simply plugs into a regular outlet makes things really easy. The smoker uses very little wood (just a few handfuls of wood chips for a batch of salmon) and dried and chipped fruit woods are readily available in Northern Virginia and D.C. The smoker is small, well insulated and stainless steel, making it easy to clean, never hot to the touch and very sharp looking. Since the outside of the smoker never gets hot there is no fire hazard or danger to children or pets. The heat is controlled with a thermostat so keeping the heat constant is as easy as turning a dial and walking away.

    Many of our customers take great pride in buying our wonderful wild Alaskan salmon, smoking it themselves, then presenting it at a dinner party being able to say that they bought it from the fellow who caught it, then they smoked it themselves.

    This smoker plugs into a standard outlet. The temperature is controlled with a thermostat so, once set, temperature is maintained.

    • In addition to salmon, smoke ribs, brisket, wings, and more.
    • Portable and great for RV’s, patios, condos and homes alike.
    • Electric.
    • All stainless steel.
    • Capacity: Approx. 23 lbs. per load. 1.7 Cu. Ft., 243 Cu In.
    • Electrical: 350 watt heating element, 8 amps, 120v single phase current
    • Shelves: Comes with 2, Capacity 3, W=12.125″ x D=13.25″
    • Outside Dimensions: W=14.75″ x D=18.75″ x H=21.25″
    • Inside Dimensions: W=12.5″ x D=13.5″ x H=17.25″
    • Wheels: Included
    • 60 lbs.

    Note – Sept. 10, 2015

    We no longer sell these but we encourage you to visit the Smokin’ Tex web and perhaps order there: