Smoked Salmon

  • We have been making smoked salmon all fall and we finally have the exact recipe, time and wood figured out––we’re turning out some pretty good smoked salmon if we do say so ourselves!

    **ORDER BEFORE DEC 18TH (we will be gone from the area on a little trip after Dec 19th)**

    Our smoked salmon is perfect for the holidays whether it be our smoked salmon portions, perfect for setting out on an appetizer platter for friends and family, or our signature Salmon Snacks for a quick and healthy snack. All our smoked salmon products are simply done by hand by us with only the following ingredients:

    • Our wonderful wild Alaskan sockeye salmon
    • A little sugar or agave syrup (an all natural low glycemic sugar)
    • A little salt
    • Hand ground roasted black pepper (roasting knocks the heat back and gives it a full nutty taste)
    • No preservatives or weird additives
    • Smoked with apple, cherry or alder wood


    Delivery & Shipping:

    We are smoking salmon nearly every day so order yours today and we will deliver it hot out of the smoker to your house or office if you are within 30 minutes of North Arlington. If you are a little further off, we are happy to ship it to you via courrier.


    Portions – $6-10 depending on size.
    >>Our portions are a nice thick section of a fillet and range in size from 1.5–3 oz. each. See image below.

    Salmon snacks – $2-5 depending on size.
    >>Our Salmon Snacks are a thin cut from a fillet and range in size from 1–2 oz. each. These are a little dryer and have a chew to them. They are very popular for a snack while hiking or at work. See image below.


    To order simply call (tel: 907.299.1119) or email us ( and let us know what you would like. Our minimum order for any delivery is $50. For smaller quantities, we are happy to ship the smoked salmon.

    Smoked sockeye/red salmon portions.

    Smoked sockeye/red Salmon Snacks.

    Fresh Frozen Salmon:

    Of course we still do have our fresh/frozen raw salmon available but we will soon be sold out. If you would like to order a few pieces in addition to your smoked salmon, this week may be your last opportunity until next fall. Portions are $7 and fillets are $20. These come vacuum sealed and flash frozen and will keep well in your freezer until your ready to eat them. Our fillets present beautifully and make a stunning Christmas day meal for friends and family.

    Smoked Salmon Classes:

    Love smoked salmon and want to make your own? Join one of our cooking classes. We are offer free/donation classes on how to smoke your own salmon through the winter. We offer these as private classes for small groups that generally take place in the homes of students. If you can assemble a group of 10 folks who would like to learn this simple and fun skill, we will be happy to teach the class ourselves and even supply all the equipement and salmon!

    These classes are always great fun with good company and wonderful food for all. We are experts on Alaska and its fisheries and we love talking about fishing and our long history in that remote and wild part of the continent. We can also present a slide show of incredible wildlife, commercial fishing and scenic images of Alaska for your group.

    Click here for more information.

    Get a Smoker from Us:

    We have been using strange home made salmon smoker contraptions for years and they never have worked quite right. We finally found a rugged salmon smoker that turns out the best smoked salmon we have had, and it does it predictably every time. Add wood, add salmon and let it sit for an afternoon––there isn’t much more to it than that. Smokin’ Tex are the smokers we recommend. We are now retails for them and can have them shipped straight to you in just a few days.

    1100 Series Smokin’ Tex Smoker – $395+ shipping
    >>This is the smoker we use and its just right for just about any smoking job. This smoker will smoke about 3 fillets (cut into portions) at once and takes up very little room. The smoker plugs into a standard outlet and is controlled but a thermostat.

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