Smoked Salmon Images

  • Hello Gerard & Dominique team,

    This is my current hot smoked “Alaska style” coho and sockeye salmon. This is tender and moist in the middle with a light chewy pellicle on the outside. I would like my order to look roughly like this and tast roughly like the samples I sent Jan 2013. I prefer my product/packaging to look like a tasty, clean, professionally done “homepack,” as apposed to anything commercial. It needs to inspire confidence but also look like real human hands made it. I do not want my product to to look anything like the smoked salmon they may have seen elsewhere. This is my general philosophy anyway.

    • Each package will look different but all should look something like either of the 2 examples below. I prefer the the taller, narrower packages (roughly 6″–8″ tall and 4″–5″ wide. These are made by cutting a boneless fillet into the desired lengths then cutting the 1″–2″ wide pieces with the grain.
    • irregularity is key to the look of this product. I do not want each package to look the same and I do not want each piece within a package to look the same as the one next to it. The pieces should all be hand cut and be slightly different in height and width.
    • Each package needs to be about 3/4 pound (00.75 lbs.).
    • Smoked with alder or apple wood.
    • These need to be packaged in clear, heavy vac bag material, ideally with 2-4″ of bag material above the fish should I need to apply an additional sticker later.
    • The sticker(s) I provide you will be the only sticker on the package. This sticker will have all the legal information you require as well as something like “packed for Cold Country Salmon by Gerard and Dominique.” My sticker will be applied to the back of the package over the salmon area.
    • I would like to get some “plain” (smoked but no spiced on top as pictured below) but also some with some black pepper on the surface. They can be mixed randomly (some packages with peppered and with plain) or packages can contain all pepper or all plain. 1/3 of the packages in my order should have some pepper in them. 2/3 of the total order should be plain smoked salmon in the packages only.