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  • Our skiff moored out front of our cabin.

    Crewman, Obie, shaving outside with the ducks and buoys. Fishing is all about image.

    Gordon, Cory, Marc and I went for an excursion today up the Dog Salmon River to fish for pike. This is rod and reel fishing so no nets. We wound our way up the river and toward the mountains until we saw some pleasant looking tundra atop a high muddy bank. The water was brown and turbid but the eroding bluff was blanketed in wild flowers of all colors and sizes. This is one thing I love about Alaska–the land is lovely, yes, but its much more complex than that. The land is raw; the land will chew you up and spit you out; the land here never conforms to normal standards of beauty–it provides its own context. We hiked through the tundra and eventually found a small lake teeming with pike. These voracious predators sport large cat-like teeth, superb vision and an immense appetite. They bite anything you put in the water. We caught a few and took one home for dinner. We had never eaten them before, just caught them for sport, but it was actually very good. A firm white flesh but with lots of bones. Pictures of this adventure are forthcoming.

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