Alaskan Salmon Certified Sustainable

  • Although sustainability is nothing new in Alaska, Alaskan salmon fisheries recently received a certification in Responsible Fisheries Management. After a 12 month comprehensive review of Alaska’s salmon fisheries, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) gave a positive certification determination for all five species of Alaskan salmon.

    This certification is important to salmon fishermen because we are finally able to point to an extremely credible study showing what we have always know––that salmon are the lifeblood of the cold country and are here to stay with careful stewardship. This certification is important to salmon consumers because it ensures that in addition to being healthy, the meal has also been sustainably harvested.

    At Cold Country Salmon we are committed to the health and longevity of our salmon resource and are very proud of the salmon we sell and how it was caught. We want to make sure that the future holds salmon not only for our children but for the entire Alaskan ecosystem as well.

    Thank you to the U.N. for acknowledging our efforts to live and work in balance with Alaska’s salmon.

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