Bears on the Beach

  • Each year, as the summer progresses, we see more and more brown bears on the beach in front of our cabin. They move into this area from the surrounding landscape to eat spawned out salmon that washed up on the beach. We see them as it gets dark (about 12-midnight) walking the beach looking for treats. The night before last we sat on the deck and watched a brown bear stroll by right in front of us sniffing this and that, choking down a few fish, peeking in some boats then on down the beach. In the morning we saw the smaller tracks from the bear we saw then much larger tracks right next to those. These larger and older bears come out much later to avoid anyone who may be up late.

    Last night the bear was back. We fished all day, from 8am to 1am the following day so came home in the dark. We had caught a large king salmon so I walked back down the beach to fillet it near the water. As I walked through the grass I surprised another bear. It froze in my headlight beam about 50 feet away then ran off through the tall grass at full speed. There must have been some salmon there because it came back later and I surprised it again when I went to the outhouse! This particular bear has thankfully been no trouble and is not aggressive.

    Here is a video of bears on the beach last year

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