First Salmon Pickup of 2011

  • Greetings Cold Country Salmon customers,
    Our salmon is here safe and sound and we are excited to announce our first pick up of 2011. This weekend we will be at Quincy Park in North Arlington, VA. At the following times:

    • Friday Sep. 16th from 5pm-7pm
    • Saturday Sep. 17th from 10am-12pm (noon).

    Here is a Google Map showing exactly where our pick up point is:

    Here are the details:
    ––Pick up:
    If you’ve ordered one share, please bring a normal sized or large cooler (not the small lunch size) to the pick up. If you have frozen gel packs, ice, or frozen water bottles you can bring that in the cooler as well. Frozen salmon will remain frozen in a cooler without ice for at least 6 hours in most situations, so if you don’t have ice or gel packs, don’t worry. For those of you have ordered two or more shares, we don’t expect you to have one cooler for every share (although if you do, definitely bring them with you). If you are within a 15-20 minute drive of the pickup point and return home after receiving your salmon, all your salmon should remain frozen, regardless of whether it is in a cooler or not. However, we recommend you bring insulating materials with you to keep you salmon as cold as possible. If you don’t have coolers for all your salmon, bring other insulating materials include cardboard boxes with styrofoam, packing blankets (or even a regular blanket), or cloth grocery bags and newspaper. If you don’t have a cooler or any insulating materials, we’ll have some on hand and will help you pack your salmon.
    To those customers who cannot make it to North Arlington to pick up your orders, I am happy to make other arrangements with you. Whether this means meeting up somewhere convenient for us both, a drop off at your home or a pick up at my home, I am flexible and committed to making it easy for you to receive your salmon.

    ––Paying your balance:
    All preorder customers will have already paid a 50% deposit so the balance plus Virginia sales tax (5%) will be due when you receive your salmon. We will not be equipped to take credit cards so please pay with personal check or cash. Since the amount of salmon you take home will be near, but not exactly 22.05 pounds, your balance may be slightly more or slightly less than the amount you already paid. You will be charged for the exact amount of salmon you take home.
    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email at any time. We’ll keep you updated with any developments between now and when the salmon arrives.
    For more information visit our website.

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    Cold Country Salmon

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