Leaving Fish Camp

  • About a week ago now I flew out of Pilot Point and away from fish camp. I was sad to leave my little red cabin on the river but the little things (showers, sheets, etc) were calling and besides, the salmon had all but stopped running for the year. Packing up my cabin for the winter is always stressful–how to secure a house for 10 months of snow, ice and 50 knot winds? In the days before my flight, I made list after list so I wouldn’t forget any critical chore that might cost me my cabin through the winter. The angry winter ocean pushes huge sheets of ice up under the cabin and winds batter its roof and walls. Outboard engins were put away, skiffs brought inland and tied to screw anchors in the grass, windows boarded up, chimney covered and anything that can blow away was tied up or put inside the cabin.

    Here are some images from flying in and out of fish camp this year

    Float planes in Anchorage.

    The start of the Aleutian Range leaving Anchorage.

    Turnagain Arm, where Captain Cook had a hell of a time finding his way. He turned, then turned again as he sailed up this arm looking for the Northwest Passage. It dead ends.

    A spectacular glacier coming into Anchorage early in the morning.

    The Alaska Peninsula. In the center right, on the north side of the Peninsula, you can see Pilot Point in the Ugashik River. We fly from Anchorage to King Salmon then on to Pilot point in progressively smaller and smaller planes.

    Welcome to King Salmon.

    Still for sale.

    Loading up the plane with our gear.

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