Leaving Homer

  • Nicole and I just left Homer, Alaska and are excited for our traveling adventures before we return to the DC area with salmon.

    Almost ripe wild blueberries.

    Making cinnamon roles in a Dutch over over the fire. They taste better because it’s so hard to do!

    Fireweed in full bloom.

    A moose and her calf along the road in Homer, Alaska.

    Homer, Alaska. Where I grew up. The long sand bar is called the Homer Spit. It is a 5-mile long glacial morain, left when
    an ancient glacier moved down Katchemak Bay pushing millions of tons of sand and gravel in front of it. When it stopped
    then started to recede, the Homer Spit was left. The small boat harbor is at the end. The Kenai Mountains are in the

    Flying from Homer to Anchorage. The large volcanoes in the background are where the Alaska Range transition into the
    Aleutian Range.

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