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  • In addition to fishing most days, we are also building a new sauna to warm our weary bones at the end of each day. This is a serious undertaking, not because the structure is large or complex, but because all of us are thoroughly inept in the fields of carpentry and architecture. An additional challenge is the wood we are using, which we are harvesting from a 100-year-old cannery down the beach. While free and lovely, this wood is of odd dimensions and very heavy. One of our best finds yet was a single 18 foot long 6″X10″ beam of straight NW fir without a single knot or blemish. Amazing! I decided to use that beam for the foundation of the sauna, but, lacking a second beam, I had to make one from 2″X10″s, also from the cannery. I used more recycled 6″X6″ beams to tie the whole affair together.

    I have always wanted to build a timber frame-style house. This was my chance to combine my limited furniture building experience from my undergraduate degree with my desire to notch and wittle my way to a timber frame house. These notches were for 6″X6″ cross-braces.

    Braces in place.

    Stairs seem really simple. You walk up, you walk down. However, they are exceedingly difficult to build when you failed every math class you were ever in and you’re pretty sure that the Pythagorean theorem has to do with math and pythons. After 12 long hours, Gordon and I found that the simple series of triangles had bested us. Three days later we had some stairs that OSHA would never sign off on.

    The first wall goes up.

    Hot glue and willpower will hold walls up as it turns out.

    The roof rafters go up. We learned all about Pythagoras and why he was so much smarter than us.

    To be continued…

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