Sunshine but slow fishing

  • Well, the sun made an all-day appearance but the fishing slowed down so it was a mixed blessing. Today we fished on calm water and under the first blue sky we have seen (for more than 10 mins) in almost 3 weeks. We tied the boat off to the net and went to sleep with our faces turned toward the sun. When we did pull the net, we found that we had some lovely big Ugashik red salmon. A few million more fish should be heading up the river soon so fishing will pick up in the next few days.

    These are easily 8-10 pound red salmon.

    This photo has not been altered in any way. Red salmon is just the most amazing color all by itself.

    Our favorite village dog, Lucky, came by to hang out. We cooked him some salmon skin and he slept over.

    Our lovely little cabin on the beach. Simple, funky and everything we need.

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