Winter King Salmon / Sablefish – April 2012 Special Order

  • We’re bringing some amazing fresh-caught Winter King Salmon& Sablefish to D.C. this April––Caught by David Rojcewicz & Wayne Parks this April in Petersburg, Alaska. Special order now.

    We just ran out of salmon for the season and we won’t have more until we return in August from fishing in Alaska. We just ran out and already we’re missing it! To get through the spring and for something really special, we are having some friends send us some winter king salmon which they catch by rod and reel off the coast of Petersburg, in Southeast Alaska. Salmon doesn’t get a whole lot better than this!

    King salmon, also called chinook, is an extremely rich fish with a mild flavor, good texture and pink flesh. Everyone loves king, even people who think they don’t like salmon. While the other four species of wild Pacific salmon are only caught during the Alaskan summer months, king salmon are line-caught in very small numbers through the winter.

    We are also brining in some sablefish, which is one if Alaska best kept secrets. Although this is a white fish, it shares almost nothing in common with Halibut, cod, flounder or other Alaskan whitefish. It is infinitely better! Sablefish is white, firm, flakey, very rich and high in natural healthy oils. We are bringing in some fresh/frozen fillets from 1-1.5 lbs as well as smoked sablefish also in 1-1.5 lb fillets. The prices for sablefish is $29.99/lb for smoked and $24.99/lb for fresh/frozen. The minimum order is one fillet. Take a little and try it, or get a bunch and enjoy it all summer!

    Nicole and I were already overnight FedExing in some winter king and we thought we would extend the offer to our friends and customers. Join us for this spring treat!


    • Fill out this 2012 WINTER KING PREORDER FORM and mail or email it back to us. This is a writable form so you can fill it out, save it and eMail it back. You may also call and place your order over the phone.


    • Winter king (fresh/frozen 1-3 lb portions) – $24.99/lb. Enjoy 10 lbs. in your freezer through the summer or split 10 or more lbs. with your friends, family or neighbors.
    • Sablefish (fresh/frozen 1-1.5 lb fillets) – $24.99/lb. Minimum order is 1.5 lbs.
    • Smoked Sablefish (fresh/frozen 1-1.5 lb fillets) – $29.99/lb. Minimum order is 1.5 lbs.


    • King will be caught the week we get it, filleted, vacuum sealed then expertly flash frozen for fresh-like quality. This salmon will taste all but right out of the water for 6 or more months in the freezer. When we confirm our total order, these guys will go fishing just for us! We’re trying to put together an order of 100 lbs or more to make it worth it for these guys.
    • Salmon will arrive in the last week of April or the first week of May. Because of uniquely Alaskan variables like weather, our salmon will “get here when it gets here,” (within a 2 week window) as rural Alaskans like to say. We will keep everyone thoroughly informed about the exact date of arrival as the date approaches.
    • We will deliver your salmon to your house or office if you are within a 30-minute drive or North Arlington, VA.
    • King will come in portions of varying sizes from 1 to 5 pounds.
    • Your order will be confirmed when we have received a 50% deposit and this order form.


    • Submit order form or call to order no later than April 25th, 2012.

    Fisherman Wayne Parks & the F/V Hoyden

    Fisherman David Rojcewicz & the F/V Lady Helen

    Nicole and I fish the Ugashik River in Western Alaska. David Rojcewicz and Wayne Parks fish near Petersburg, Alaska.