Virginia Bison Co Tenderloin Filet (Free Home Delivery)

Virginia Bison Company of Culpepper Tenderloin Filet 7-8oz

Pastured Bison, grass fed with voluntary grain

Tenderloin medallion steak or “filet mignon” is regarded as the most tender part of the buffalo. It is a cut from the short-loin of the animal and is the muscle that surrounds both sides of the spine. It hangs between the shoulder and the hip socket and it doesn’t do a lot of work making for an incredibly tender cut. It is often compared to butter, for its soft, melt-in-your-mouth qualities. Tenderloin is generally surrounded by other high dollar cuts and can be used in T-bone, porterhouse and Delmonico steak cuts, but it is cut into its own special cut because of its cost. Tenderloin medallions are generally cut into 1.25 inch steaks and well suited to be sautéed or grilled.

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