Chesapeake Shrimp and Sausage Jambalaya

Our Jambalaya sticks to the traditional Cajun flavor profiles that people are used to just made a little different by technique. First, we clean our shrimp and save the shells to make a clean tasting Shrimp stock or broth which we then use to cook the rice. We use a short grain rice for now which soaks up all the shrimp flavor making for a distinctive flavor profile in the rice itself. After cooking our rice, we use “the holy trinity” in southern Louisiana cooking, bell pepper, celery and onion. On top of that we add some roasted garlic, and leeks and sauté the veggies in a separate pot until cooked through. We then toss in our cleaned Chesapeake Shrimp and season with our own spice mix. Once everything is cooked, we add a little bit of butter to make a sauce like consistency, along with our diced tomatoes. Finished with dried oregano, marjoram leaves, and sliced bratwurst and half smoke sausages provided by Meat Crafters (plug in our delivery service here while pitching this). Allergies are a big thing when selling these so allergens to be noted are GARLIC, SEAFOOD, NITRATES, SHELLFISH, DAIRY.

It is portioned to 1 lb. portions same as our Salmon Chowder. We will be selling it for 18.50 as there is more Sausage and Shrimp than rice and veggies. Like how a good Jambalaya is made! This is great for the transition into the warmer weather and a great option as we phase out our Winter Salmon Chowder!

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