Whiffletree Farm Filet of Beef (Free Home Delivery)

Beef fillet is considered the king of all the beef cuts. It is the most tender cut as it comes from the least worked part of the animal. When buying beef, always buy the best quality possible. Grass-fed beef has superior flavor and is a more sustainable way of farming than cattle that has been fed solely on grain. To cook use a cast iron skillet this allows you to easily transfer your steak from the oven to stove, making this a really easy filet mignon recipe to master

Origin: Whiffletree Farm, Warrenton Farm

From Whiffletree Farm " Pasture-raised chicken, turkey, eggs, pork and 100% grass-fed beef. No antibiotics, no GMO no hormones, no chemicals. Located in Warrenton, VA, a little over an hour from Washington, DC."

Wine Pairing: Breaux Cabernet Franc or Zonta Cabernet

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