Tal 12oz Whole Bean Coffee Pacamara Coffee Wash (Home Delivery)

Tal Specialty Coffee of Arlington

Pacamara Coffee Wash

Flavors of Jasmine Honeysuckle, Clementine, Vanilla 

The proces used for this Pacamara Washed is: after the sorting (removing any defective or unripe cherry) follows the pulping with water to rinse off the "mucilage" (rinsing process can be repeated as needed) followed by drying the washed beans on raised beds to about 11% moisture content.

This coffee was produced by BioKrop Project, an initiative of various single-origin specialty microlot coffee farms across the six mountain regions of El Salvador. Small family business dedicated to agriculture in El Salvador. Its focus is to work with nature to improve the soil using microorganisms, compost and natural fertilizers with ancestral biodynamic practices. These agroecological farming practices yield healthy sustainable harvests in the production of coffee, cocoa and honey. During each harvest the most ripe coffee fruit is picked daily. The innovative fermentation and raised beds drying practices create unique profiles.

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