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16.9fl oz. Edafos Extra Virgin Olive Oil

ÉDAFOS: “unique soil & climate of the area”.
Ancient Foods ÉDAFOS Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the original superfood harvested from unspoiled groves of century old trees on Mediterranean Island of Crete. A classic EVOO that’s perfect “everyday” for cooking and drizzling. Low-acidity and high in antioxidants & phenols make this perfect for your body’s health. Koroneiki monocultivar, hand harvested & cold pressed within hours of picking from a Protected Designation of Origin zone (PDO). ÉDAFOS has hints of medium/ripe tomato, subtle citrus & nutty undertones, yet clean.
Extremely subtle bitterness but a definite touch of short-lived spiciness. Pairs well with a baked, flaky white fish, a feta tomato salad on barley rusks or savory bitter greens.
*Superfood harvested from century old olive trees. High in antioxidants & phenols.
*Origin: Sitia, Crete, Greece. Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)
*Koroneiki monocultivar. Hand Harvested & Cold Pressed within hours of harvesting.
*Hints of medium/ripe tomato, subtle citrus, nutty & touch of spiciness.
*For everyday cooking & drizzling. Pair with seafood, feta tomato salad & savory bitter greens.

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