Polyface Farm Ground Beef (Free Home Delivery)

Ground beef is popular as a relatively cheap and quick-cooking form of beef. Some of its best-known uses are in hamburgers, sausages and cottage pies. It is an important ingredient in meatloaf, sloppy joes, porcupine meatballs, tacos, and Midwestern cuisine. It can be used to make meat sauces, for example, lasagna and spaghetti Bolognese in Italian cuisine. In the Middle East, it is used to make spicy kofta and meatballs. 

1lb package of ground beef 

Origin:  Polyface Farm 
"Pasture-raised chicken, turkey, eggs, pork and 100% grass-fed beef. No antibiotics, no GMO, no hormones, no chemicals. Located in Warrenton, VA, a little over an hour from Washington, DC."

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