Rustic Rosemary English Muffin, Gluten Free (Free Home Delivery)

Orange Dot Baking Company of Crozet Virginia

4 English Muffins

Baked with fresh rosemary, toasted sunflower, pumpkin, and quinoa seeds our Rustic Rosemary English Muffins pack in flavor, fiber and protein.  Savor them as a sandwich or hearty hamburger bun!


Organic Butter and Extra Virgin Olive Oil
We use only the quality of ingredients that you use at home--never any canola oil. 

Gluten Free Oat Flour and Oat Bran
Orange Dot sources its oat flour and bran exclusively from Montana Gluten Free, which pioneered the development of the Gluten Free Oat Purity Protocol. This ensures that all oat products in our muffins are entirely gluten free, and never suffer cross contamination from other crops. 

Psyllium Husk
While most gluten free bread crumbles to bits and lacks dietary fiber, Orange Dot adds psyllium husk to all of its products. This not only gives our breads an amazing texture, but improves their nutritional value!

Amaranth and Quinoa
Orange Dot adds the ancient grains of both amaranth and quinoa to our Rustic Rosemary and Super-seeded breads for additional protein and fiber to keep you healthy!

Chia Seed
Chia seeds are widely considered a superfood, and add additional protein to all of Orange Dot's products.


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