2021 Wild Seafood Shares (5lbs of seafood in roughly 1lb increments)

It's that time of year where we start to take orders for this summers catch.  Last year we saw got a huge response from our customers who wanted to ensure that they'd have fish to draw on all year long.  I am highly recommending that customers do that again this year.  By pre-ordering you are ensuring your share of the catch, and helping us plan how much fish we need to return with.  This year to encourage early pre-orders we offering a graduated discount.  

We will be offering:
15% off of Shares ordered in March

10% off Shares ordered in April
5% off Shares ordered in May

After that shares will be full priced

Each share is 5lbs of fish in roughly 1lb pieces

When ordering your discount will appear automatically in your cart for 2021 Shares.
Ordering early ensures that your family will be eating Wild, Healthy, Sustainably caught seafood all through 2021